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The Government Affairs Community Relations & Advocacy Office continually works to identify budget, legislative and regulatory priorities to form the Hospital’s government affairs agenda in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Working together with various stakeholders throughout the Hospital, the Government Affairs Office implements that agenda through direct and indirect advocacy efforts with state officials, agencies and legislative bodies.

The following document will give you an overview of CHOP’s commitment in Pennsylvania.

Below are some of the current issues the Government Affairs Office is focused on in Pennsylvania as well as resources related to those issues:

Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement (CURE) Program

In May 2012, Dr. Stephan Grupp, a pediatric oncologist and Director of Translational Research at the Center for Childhood Cancer Research at CHOP, testified before the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee on the importance of the CURE program. The CURE program provides state funding to support health research and scientific discovery and is funded by Act 77, the Tobacco settlement. CURE funding has been extremely important to Dr. Grupp’s groundbreaking research on pediatric leukemia.

Please see his full written testimony below as well as a link to watch and/or listen to his presentation.


Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide a vital safety net for low income children and their families. In Pennsylvania, Medicaid covers 35 percent of all children. Similarly, approximately 35 percent of CHOP patients are covered by Medicaid. Therefore, CHOP and the patients and families it serves are greatly impacted by any changes to the Medicaid program. The Government Affairs Office routinely monitors potential changes and works to educate state officials about the importance of the program.

The following resources provide a general overview of the Medicaid program as well as Pennsylvania specific information:

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