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Philadelphia – Advocating for Children at the Local Level

CHOP is very engaged at the city level in Philadelphia, monitoring City Council sessions and committee hearings, and following City Council bills and resolutions that might pertain to CHOP locations and activities. Here are some examples of our recent advocacy and involvement with the City of Philadelphia.

CHOP Testifies before City Council on Early Head Start Program

On February 26, 2014, Donna Bibbs, Director, Early Head Start at CHOP, testified before the Philadelphia City Council's Committee on Education in a hearing on early childhood education. The hearing was called to gather information about the value of early childhood education and the current options for low-income families in Philadelphia. Ms. Bibbs spoke about Early Head Start at CHOP and the value it provides to numerous families.

Ms. Bibbs' Testimony

CHOP testifies before City Council on telemedicine

On January 16, 2014, Elizabeth Younkins, Director of Business Development for the CHOP Care Network, testified before the Philadelphia City Council's Committee on Public Safety and Committee on Health and Human Services about using alternative healthcare methods, including telemedicine, to serve underserved populations. She spoke about CHOP's innovative approaches to bring primary and specialty pediatric care to children in the Philadelphia area. The overall goal of our telemedicine program at CHOP is to increase access to qualified pediatric specialists, while preserving the community pediatrician-patient relationship and supporting continuity of care.

Ms. Younkins' Testimony

CHOP testifies before City Council on international medicine programs

On February 28, 2013, Peter Grollman, Vice President, Government Affairs, Community Relations & Advocacy, provided testimony about CHOP's International Medicine Program before the Philadelphia City Council Committee on Global Opportunities and Senator Michael Brubaker, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Senate International Commerce Caucus. This hearing was organized jointly by City Councilman At-Large David Oh and Senator Michael Brubaker to learn more about Philadelphia’s business climate for expanding international trade and investments, supporting innovation and promoting global partnerships.

Mr. Grollman spoke about CHOP’s concerted effort to examine and expand our international profile to extend the reach of the Hospital around the globe through four main programs: international patient services, international collaborations, international medical education, and global health.

Mr. Grollman's testimony

Building project in South Philadelphia - in partnership with the City of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the City of Philadelphia are joining forces to provide healthcare to children and adults in South Philadelphia. The plan relocates two existing clinics ‒ a CHOP-owned pediatric primary care practice currently located in South Philadelphia, and the City-owned Health Center, which serves children and adults ‒ into one building, to be constructed by Children's Hospital on City land and outfitted by both CHOP and the City of Philadelphia. The space will also include new facilities for the South Philadelphia Branch Library and Disilvestro Rec Center.

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