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Community Benefit

Community benefit activities are programs and services designed to improve health in communities and increase access to healthcare. They are integral to the mission of not-for-profit healthcare organizations, and are the basis of tax exemption. Community benefit activities are responsive to identified community needs and are not for marketing purposes.

Examples of community benefit include the following:

Community benefit criteria

To be considered as a community benefit, activities must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Community benefit consists of activities that are designed to improve health in the community, increase access to healthcare and respond to identified community needs.

For more information, please contact Sarah Gibbons, Community Relations Manager, at 267-426-6497 or contact her online.

Community Benefit
Report 2012

Learn about the projects we’re implementing in our communities and how our programs are helping kids throughout the nation and around the world.
2012 Community Benefit Report - English

2012 Community Benefit Report - Spanish

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