Homeless Health Initiative

Volunteer and Donor Stories

Four essential factors have given the Homeless Health Initiative at CHOP the capacity to grow over the past quarter of a century: the passion of its founders and current staff, the dedication of thousands of volunteers, the committment and dedication of community partners and the faithfulness and generosity of its expanding list of donors.

Choosing to support this program requires volunteers and philanthropists to open their eyes to see the circumstances families experiencing homelessness face every day and to open their hearts to want to help.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the many people who have helped in the past and who help us now,” says HHI director Karen Hudson, MSW, LSW. “The more people learn about HHI and our mission, the more they are moved to give their time or their money — or both. We are so grateful to everyone who contributes.”

Stories about our donors and volunteers

In this section, we highlight a few of the volunteers and donors by telling their stories and exploring why the work with the Homeless Health Initiative.


Reviewed by: Karen Hudson, MSW, LSW
Date: May 2013

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