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Contribute to the Reach Out and Read endowment

Through the generosity of a family whose commitment to CHOP’s Reach Out and Read Program spans ten years, we have been able to establish a permanent endowment for the Reach Out and Read program at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Fostering literacy and a love of reading opens countless avenues for success and lifelong joys for children. One of the most meaningful, and lasting, ways to support Reach Out and Read is through giving to the Program’s endowment.

Just as reading is a gift that keeps on giving, donations to the endowment provide perpetual support for Reach Out and Read’s efforts to improve the way children live and grow. For more information, please call the Development Department at 267-426-6500 or visit The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation.

Hold a fundraiser

Have a fundraiser to collect money so the Reach Out and Read coordinator can purchase wonderful books for children ages 6 months through 5 years at a 60 percent discount. It costs less than $30 to provide new books for one child in this program through each of the child’s ten well visits (checkups) from 6 months through 5 years of age.

Past donors have had success encouraging families, groups or individuals to sponsor a child by donating Reach Out and Read costs for a child. If you plan to have an event to raise funds for CHOP’s Reach Out and Read program, please call 267-426-6500 and ask for an event application.

Download a PDF with information about supporting Reach Out and Read.

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