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In 2004, the Department of Pediatrics at CHOP began a program called the Chair's Initiatives. The goal: to establish new models of care in pediatrics and tackle some of the most daunting challenges in healthcare today.

The Chair’s Initiatives program provides internal grants that support projects throughout Children’s Hospital. Begun by Alan R. Cohen, MD, Physician in Chief, and Chair, Department of Pediatrics, and Alison Marx, Operating Officer, Department of Pediatrics, the program develops new projects and nourishes existing efforts, providing funding for staff and support from quality specialists, administrators, information technology and other internal and external resources.

It takes a team

Participants in the Chair’s Initiatives have included physicians, nurses, computer programmers, researchers, engineers, nurse practitioners and others within many specialties, including cardiology, emergency medicine, gastroenterology, hematology, oncology and surgery. These individuals provide an unflagging willingness to work diligently and collaboratively to move their initiatives forward and to find solutions to complex challenges.

The program represents an excellent opportunity for donors interested in helping incredibly bright, motivated teams quickly bring change that truly benefits patients and families. For more information about how you can make a gift, call The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation at 267-426-5332 or visit GiftofChildhood.org.

Chair’s Initiatives projects

Since its inception, the Chair’s Initiatives program has helped 27 teams turn great ideas into reality. Reflecting the Hospital’s commitment to patient safety, we have chosen projects focused on innovation, safety and quality of care.

Ten projects were funded 2006-2008, six in 2008-2010, six in 2011-2013, and five are currently underway.

Round 4 (2013-2015) projects

The following five projects are currently underway:

Round 3 (2011–2013) projects

Six projects were funded from 2011–2013:

Round 2 (2008–2010) projects

Six projects were funded from 2008–2010:

Round 1 (2006–2008) projects

Ten projects were funded from 2006–2008:

Learn more about the Chair's Initiatives projects

Date: July 2014

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