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Family Leadership

Physicians and staff at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia understand that for the parents or caregivers of a sick child, it is an experience only they really know. Parents lives are affected — sometimes profoundly and forever — when a disease or illness strikes a child.

That is why senior administrators, physicians and staff of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia view family leaders as equal partners in the pursuit of excellence in patient care, medical education and research.

The mission of Children's Hospital cannot be achieved without the voices and needs of families being heard, and acted upon. Families are a primary source of strength and support for a sick child. Recovery and healing happens within the context of a family, not from some place far removed.

Our philosophy and vision are supported at the highest levels of the institution and are carried out in numerous ways, on a daily basis, both informally and formally within our pediatric network. Families and family leaders participate in every level and aspect of caregiving.

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