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Angie Bivins

Assistant Manager

angie When Angie Bivins came to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in 2002, it was for a 2-week consulting position in the Environmental and Linen Services Department. After one hour, she knew she wanted to stay. And all these years later, she couldn’t be happier that she did.

Angie started her career as a housekeeper at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia where she worked her way to a supervisor position. She then made the switch to healthcare, joining an adult acute trauma hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

CHOP recruited Angie as a consultant because of her experience managing staff and operations in a healthcare setting, and her commitment to hospitality. It was the people she met on her first day that made Angie realize this was a place she wanted to keep coming back to, and the ESD was happy to bring her on as an Assistant Manager.

Over the years, Angie’s job description has grown longer as she’s become more involved in life at the Hospital. It’s now her responsibility to oversee the work of 25 associates and prepare CHOP’s operating rooms to handle 100 cases each day.

Beyond her primary job responsibilities, Angie also trains new hires in their basic job functions, how to give great customer service, and the EPIC system used hospital-wide. She’s also on several hospital committees and is a member of the American Society For Healthcare Environmental Services, an organization that educates healthcare leaders about the industry they work in.

If you meet Angie in the halls at CHOP, you won’t forget her. Her winning smile, positive attitude and knack for great customer service make an impression on everyone she meets. It’s no surprise that those are the qualities that she says are the secret to success.

Janice Jordan

Assistant Manager and Process Flow Coordinator

janiceJanice Jordan calls CHOP “a city within a city, the city of hope." And at the middle of it all is the Environmental and Linen Services Command Center and Patient Flow. The Command Center is where EPIC and the front desk receptionists keep the team updated on the status of each room and patient discharges. It's also where requests are dispatched to ESD associates for sleep surfaces delivery. The goal in the Command Center is to ensure that patient flow in and out of the hospital is never impeded.

Janice loves the energy she feels in the air at CHOP, and has since she began here in 2006. After starting her career in the hospitality industry, Janice accepted the Overnight Assistant Manager position with ESD. For a year and a half, she took advantage of the quieter night shift to hone her management and customer service skills, learned the ins and outs of the department and instilled the “spirit to serve" in her staff.

Janice established techniques for making her teams feel engaged in their jobs, recognized for their hard work and vigilant about providing great customer service. She carried those tools with her for the move to day shift, where she continued working as an Assistant Manager for another three years.

Recognized for her problem solving abilities and commitment to great customer service, Janice was promoted to Assistant Manager and Process Flow Coordinator in 2010. The job she does today is one she never anticipated: each day, Janice visits families that are admitted to CHOP.

As Janice makes her rounds, she speaks with families to ensure that ESD is meeting the family’s cleanliness expectations and explains to the families the scope of services they can expect from ESD team members. She addresses any deficiencies and concerns in a timely manner, and does daily follow-up on any issues with the internal and external customer. On top of that, she’s constantly aware of patient discharges and census, which rooms are being cleaned and by whom.

Every part of her job furthers the ESD mission to provide the highest quality service. "It’s a great job, and a rewarding one," says Janice. “Hope really does live here, and I take great pride in being a part of this great team.”

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