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Career Paths in Information Services

All Information Services employees at CHOP fall within one of 24 career paths. These paths were developed in part to create an organizational structure that  provides a framework for both horizontal and vertical career progression.

Career paths group positions in a manner that clearly reflects the progression of job-specific skills, responsibilities, and experience from entry level to advanced level within a particular position category. These help employees better understand where they reside in a broader organizational context, as well as the manner in which they may potentially grow or advance their careers. The following career paths are sub-divided into Job Families — a hierarchy of positions from entry level through management.

Title IS Teams
Administrative Assistant Shared portfolios
Audio/Visual Engineer Technology Services
Business Analyst Shared portfolios
Business Continuity Analyst Cross Functional Operations
Database Administrator IS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Data Center Specialist Technology Services
Desktop Services Engineer Technology Services
Enterprise Architect IS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Information Analyst - Data or Delivery Enterprise Analytics
Information Systems Developer Shared portfolios
Information Systems Tester Cross Functional Operations
Information Systems Trainer Business Operations
Information Systems Analyst IS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Network Engineer Technology Services
Platform Engineer Technology Services
Project Manager Shared portfolios
Quality Assurance Analyst Shared portfolios
Security Operations Engineer IS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Strategic Consultant Project Management & Strategy
Support Analyst Technology Services
Systems Analyst Shared portfolios
Systems Engineer Shared portfolios
Telecom Engineer Technology Services
Telecom Technician Technology Services
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