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Information Services Staff Spotlights

Meet a few members of the Information Services team in these staff spotlights.  

Bhavesh Patel

Database Services Manager

“I am a database services manager in the Information Services (IS) department at CHOP. I chose CHOP because it’s a great place to work. The opportunities here are unlimited, and the challenges of my work keep me motivated to constantly push myself further. The IS team’s ability to collaborate to resolve complex problems never ceases to amaze me. And it’s incredibly motivating to know that the work I do to maintain our databases is important to everything that must happen behind the scenes to provide the best, safest care to children at CHOP.”


Dave Montgomery

Systems Analyst

“My current role is systems analyst on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation Team in the Information Services (IS) department at CHOP. In this role, I am constantly working to maintain and improve pieces of CHOP’s EHR system, called EPIC. Working with a system as complex as EPIC is challenging at times, but it’s very rewarding to know that the work I do is ultimately going to help our clinical teams do a better job as they take care of their patients. From my days as a graduate student, I knew I wanted to end up at CHOP. As part of the best pediatric hospital in the U.S., the IS department works with the most cutting-edge healthcare technology available. It’s exciting to be a part of the team that keeps this technology up and running.”


Jason Rosario

Support Analyst

“As a support analyst for Information Services, I work with a variety of technology professionals to support the many software applications, hardware configurations and mobile devices that are deployed throughout CHOP. Providing this type of support helps operational and clinical staff provide the excellent patient care that makes this hospital #1 year after year. I came to work here because I wanted to be part of a meaningful organization where I could provide outstanding customer service to not only the staff members, but also to patients and families. An important part of my career here has been the constant support and encouragement from leadership to keep learning and growing, to keep pushing my career forward.”


Kyle Waters

Support Analyst

“The first time I came to CHOP was when my mother brought me here as a child. From that first day I was inspired by this special place and the people who work here. Years later, I began a career at CHOP as an inpatient clerk. My peers recognized that I had a technical skill set that could transition well to Information Services (IS), and I eventually moved over to my current role as support analyst in IS. While my role is now focused more on technology than patient care, what I do still touches the families who come here each day. By keeping the technology running that CHOP staff members rely on to do their jobs, I’m supporting CHOP’s ultimate mission to provide that highest-quality patient care possible.”


Robert Vile

Networking Engineer

“In my position as a networking engineer at CHOP, I am responsible for the information circulatory system of the organization. From important patient data or cutting-edge research, my job is to provide a fast, reliable highway on which the Hospital’s data can travel, connecting the people and systems together. I accepted the position at CHOP because I knew that this was a world class organization that’s dedicated to excellence, and I wanted to be part of that. Working here makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. My job isn’t just about a paycheck; I’m contributing to a greater effort to help children lead healthier, happier lives. I’m proud to tell people where I work.”

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