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The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is world-renowned, leading research breakthroughs and medical innovations for more than 80 years. The Institute continues its dedication to translating innovative research findings to outstanding patient care. Today, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is home to one of the largest pediatric research programs in the country. With a phenomenal increase in research staff, space and external funding, the Research Institute at Children's Hospital continues to build upon its rich research history and continue its pursuit to improve the health of children throughout the world. This commitment to excellence will move the CHOP Research Institute from a world-class research institute to the undisputed leader in improving the health of children.


We advance the health of children by turning scientific discovery into medical innovation.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute fulfills our long-standing dedication to pediatric research, and its endeavors are the embodiment of our “bench to bedside” philosophy. All research activities at CHOP are administratively organized under the aegis of the CHOP Research Institute.


We will be the preeminent institution in the world dedicated to translational research for children.

Translational and clinical research

Research today at CHOP reflects our commitment to improve child health and concentrates on basic, translational and clinical research on issues of importance and relevance to child health. With more than 425 investigators and a research staff in the thousands, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute continues its groundbreaking research on diabetes, neonatal seizures, childhood cancer, hemophilia, pediatric heart disease, cystic fibrosis, nutrition disorders, hypercholesterolemia, mental retardation, AIDS, sickle cell disease and numerous other diseases and disorders that affect children. Among its distinguished investigators are seven members of the Institute of Medicine, two investigators of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Pew Scholars in Biomedical Sciences, and NIH Merit Scholars. While Research Institute investigators have academic homes in one of the Hospital's six departments and hold faculty appointments at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers also belong to interdisciplinary, cross-divisional Research Affinity Groups and are supported by our Centers of Emphasis.


The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is organized by scientific discipline. Our goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. We use two main organizational units to accomplish this goal: Research Affinity Groups and Centers of Emphasis.

Affinity Groups

The Affinity Groups support the interdisciplinary nature of our cutting-edge research agenda. Investigators are grouped by scientific interest rather than traditional administrative structures. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute provides salary support for group leaders and funds seminars and seed programs.

Centers of Emphasis

Children's Hospital makes a significant investment in translational research. This investment includes the creation of eight Centers of Emphasis, established to target effort and resources to areas of research that will have the greatest impact on translating basic research findings to medical innovations.

Core Facilities

Researchers throughout the Institution benefit from the services provided by more than a dozen Core Facilities, which provide investigators with sophisticated research equipment, knowledgeable advisors and experienced support staff. We invest annually in refreshing the cores and acquiring new cutting-edge resources to ensure that investigators have access to the best tools available.

As the number of research projects has grown and expanded over the years, so too have the facilities available to support investigators, their staff and administrative offices. Research at CHOP is not confined to the Leonard and Madelyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center or the Main Hospital Building, but expands to include three cross-campus buildings devoted to clinical research staff. In addition, construction is underway for a South Campus that will house several new research buildings.

To learn more about the different research locations, visit the Research Facilities page.

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