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New Employees


Career Management Center

CHOP’s Career Management Center is an online resource, planning tool and community. The center provides CHOP staff convenient access to professional and career development resources. It also offers in-person educational and networking events throughout the CHOP network.

Career management is a self-initiated, life-long activity that can improve an individual’s job satisfaction, level of engagement and work productivity. The practice of career management is vital for staying current and confident in today’s rapidly-changing environment. We encourage all staff to proactively manage their career by pursuing goals, getting involved, building relationships, and developing skills and abilities for current and future performance.

Employees can access the Career Management Center when logged into the CHOP network.

Who should use the Career Management Center?

New employees can:

Employees seeking to enrich their career can:

Employees seeking to move into a leadership role can:

Leaders can:

Current employees: Access the Career Management Center.

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