Professional Enrichment Program
for Healthcare Professionals

For Current and
New Employees


Professional Enrichment Programs for Healthcare Professionals

In order to further your career, and provide a more rewarding work experience while providing the best care available, we offer our healthcare professionals a wide array of development and enrichment programs.

Clinical development opportunities

This program offers a variety of opportunities, and we encourage our staff to participate in ongoing clinical education and development. The main purpose is to provide learning opportunities beyond orientation and to promote a high standard of clinical practice and increased job enrichment through lifelong learning. It starts with an individual development plan, including setting specific goals for the coming year, jointly designed by you and your manager.

Skills-based pay

Featuring a combination of skills-based pay and clinical ladder, this program is intended to compensate clinical staff for the mastery of new skills and the achievement of certifications as defined in each clinical department/unit. Staff who achieves defined competencies or certifications will be eligible to receive commensurate salary increases and/or bonuses.


In addition to our tuition reimbursement plan, we have designed a special program to recognize and support the development of deserving and exceptional staff. Twenty scholarships ranging from $5,000 – $10,000 in value are awarded annually to clinical staff members with the intention of furthering their education.

All of our programs are designed to continue our commitment to having the best people providing the best care for children.

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