Why Work At CHOP

Since 1855, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has been the birthplace of many dramatic firsts in pediatric medicine. As the nation's first hospital devoted exclusively to caring for children, CHOP has fostered medical discoveries and innovations that have improved pediatric healthcare and saved the lives of countless children.

Today, that same spirit of care and innovation continues. The Hospital now employs more than 10,000 people in more than 50 locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, all of whom subscribe to one very important idea: everyone makes a difference.

That ability to make a difference may explain why our own employees voted us among the top 20 large company employers in Philly.com's Top Workplaces 2013 list, an independent survey of companies in the Philadelphia region.

  • Be a part of the CHOP team

    At The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, we provide an environment that's as nurturing as it is dynamic. Our team-oriented approach allows for ample learning and career growth opportunities. We think you'll find that CHOP offers the ideal atmosphere in which to best use your skills and talents.

    One of the ways in which we show our regard and appreciation for our people is by ensuring their voices are heard — we're eager for your input, ideas and inspiration. And we value your potential. We believe the process of learning is an invaluable tool, and encourage the members of our employee community to exercise their ambitions and take their skills to the next level at every opportunity.

  • Benefits at a glance

    Just as we’re committed to the highest quality of healthcare for our patients, we believe in providing our employees with a comprehensive benefits program that meets their individual needs as well as those of their families.

    In order to attract the best people, we believe it's essential to provide our employees with a highly competitive level of benefits and compensation; some of those benefits are at no cost to the employee and others are at a subsidized level or attractive group rate via payroll deduction. The benefits are available to most Children's Hospital employees, but offerings and cost may vary depending upon scheduled hours, position or work location.

    We've specially designed our benefits program based upon the belief that you need flexibility, financial security, a meaningful work experience, and work-life balance and integration. All of our benefits programs focus on achieving and maintaining our employees' well being.

  • CHOP's Career Management Center

    Our Career Management Center is an online resource, planning tool and community. The center provides CHOP staff convenient access to professional and career development resources. It also offers in-person educational and networking events throughout the CHOP network.

    Career management is a self-initiated, life-long activity that can improve an individual’s job satisfaction, level of engagement and work productivity. The practice of career management is vital for staying current and confident in today’s rapidly-changing environment. We encourage all staff to proactively manage their career by pursuing goals, getting involved, building relationships, and developing skills and abilities for current and future performance.

    Employees can access the Career Management Center when logged into the CHOP network.

  • Professional enrichment programs

    In order to further your career, and provide a more rewarding work experience while providing the best care available, we offer our healthcare professionals and nurses a wide array of development and enrichment programs. Some of these include clinical development opportunities, a skills-based pay program and scholarships.

  • Work/life balance

    At The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, our employees are our most valued asset. That’s why we’re committed to creating a healthy, flexible and productive work environment that allows for both a challenging career and the ability to meet your life responsibilities.

    Our Work/Life Balance Initiative is designed to promote work/life balance to help provide our employees and their families with benefits and other assistance needed to improve their quality of life. This program offers a full range of services and programs. From keeping your job skills current, to finding someone to paint your house, to figuring out your finances, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will partner with you to find a program, resource or tool that can help you achieve your work/life balance goals — so you can focus on your job.