Center for the Management of ADHD

The Center for Management of ADHD at CHOP is the region's largest and most comprehensive center for clinical care, research and training in the diagnosis and treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning problems in children and adolescents.

Clinical services

Each child who comes to our Center receives an extensive evaluation. Highly individualized strategies and treatments are tailored to each child. Evaluation and treatment services include:

  • Psychological and psychoeducational evaluation
  • Developmental pediatric evaluation
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Child and family behavior therapy in individual and group sessions
  • School consultation
  • Medication management

Latest research

Our Center is committed to learning more about ADHD, developing more effective treatments for the disorder, and improving care of children with ADHD. Areas of particular research focus include:

  • Improving collaboration between families and schools to help children with ADHD succeed
  • Helping children with ADHD maintain treatment-related improvements long term
  • Helping parents with ADHD support their children with ADHD
  • Improving our understanding and treatment of the social deficits of children with ADHD
  • Improving access to effective treatment and removing barriers to treatment for ethnic minority children
  • Improving our ability to prevent and resolve peer bullying
  • Supporting primary care providers in their treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD