Emergency Transport Program

Physicians and hospital staff looking to arrange a transport, please call:

Parents, please note that we are not licensed as a "911" provider. If you have an ill or seriously injured child, call "911" for transport to the nearest hospital for initial treatment and stabilization.

CHOP's Emergency Transport Program delivers expert, specialized care, and provides safe and timely transport of critically ill or injured infants and children.

The team transports patient’s of all ages, with a wide variety of medical issues such as respiratory problems, infectious diseases, neurologic issues, cardiac problems, and trauma.

Patients are transported to our PICU, NICU, CICU, Emergency Department, or an appropriate inpatient unit. While most transports are for patients coming into Children’s Hospital, some are outgoing transport of medically complex patients to other facilities.

We use several modes of transportation to transport patients to CHOP including ground, rotor wing and fixed wing. Mode of transport is determined by patient acuity and distance from outlying facility.

The transport team’s communications center is staffed by communication specialists who collect patient demographics for all incoming and outgoing transports. The specialists manage all ED referrals from primary care physicians, and also manage:

  • Code Blue calls
  • Trauma alerts
  • Non-patient emergencies
  • Disaster alerts
  • ED medical emergencies