Neonatal Follow-up Program

The Neonatal Follow-up Program at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia assesses the medical, nutritional, neurologic, developmental and psychosocial needs of preterm and high-risk infants after discharge. Our specialized staff has extensive experience in addressing the ongoing needs of families faced with caring for their medically complex infant.

Neonatal follow-up evaluations include the following:

  • Physical exam
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Neurologic exam
  • Developmental testing
  • Parent support

Our staff in the Neonatal Follow-up Program specializes in assessing and managing infants with underlying medical problems, providing early identification of developmental concerns, and answering questions or concerns about your child's health, development or behavior.

The Neonatal Follow-up Program serves as a hub of clinical activity for infants with complex needs and their families. The staff helps coordinate care and refers infants with continuing medical and social needs to appropriate specialists and programs.

Special services

Referral for special services such as home-care nursing, early intervention/therapy programs and subspecialty consultations is available to the patient and family if necessary.

Physician communications

We maintain close communication with primary physicians so a coordinated plan of medical management is maintained by all who participate in the infant's care.