Critical Care Pathway for EEG Monitoring

Acute Encephalopathy and/or Brain Injury
  • ICU MD
    • Completes EPIC "EEG Monitoring Order Set"
    • Develops "Seizure Action Plan"
  • Initiation of EEG Monitoring
    • Screening Diagnoses: ICU RN or MD calls EEG Nurse/Technologist
    • Other Diagnoses: ICU MD calls EEG
      Nurse/Technologist and consults NeuroICU MD
  • EEG Technologist initiates EEG monitoring
  • EEG Nurse/Technologist starts EPIC EEG report
  • EEG Staff immediately reviews first 20min of
    EEG monitoring
  • EEG monitoring duration based on indication, patient condition, and > 24 hours after last seizure
  • Periodic clinical data and results communication
  • EEG reported documented in EPIC
  • Seizures: ICU MD initiates "Seizure Action Plan" and consults NeuroICU MD
Sequential discontinuation decisions
Posted : March 2014
Authors : N. Abend, MD; D. Dlugos, MD; R. Ichord, MD; D. Licht, MD; M. Donnelly, REEGT; L. Vala, RN, REEGT; A. Topjian, MD; M. Naim, MD; D. Munson, MD; J. Hewlett, PharmD
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