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Carol L. Armstrong, PhD

Director of Neuropsychology Lab, Neuro-Oncology Program, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Adjunct Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


Diplomate, American Board of Professional Neuropsychology 


Armstrong CL. Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience. In: Armstrong CL, Morrow L, editors. New York: Springer; 2010.

Armstrong, CL, Schmus, CJ, Belasco, JB. Neuropsychological Problems in Neuro-Oncology. In: Armstrong CL, editor. Handbook of Medical Neuropsychology: Applications of Cognitive Neuroscience. New York: Springer; 2010.

Armstrong, CL, Cunningham, J. Functional and Developmental Effects of Environmental CO Toxicity in Children. In Penney D, editor. Carbon Monoxide Toxicity. CRC Press; 2007.

Armstrong, CL. The Neuropsychology of Treatments for Individuals with Brain Tumors. In: Zillmer EA, Spiers MV, editors. Principles of Neuropsychology. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning; 2001.

Armstrong, CL, Hayes, KM, Martin, R. Neurocognitive Problems in Attention Deficit Disorder: Alternative Concepts and Evidence for Impairment in Inhibition of Selective Attention. In: Wasserstein J, Wolf LE, LeFever FF, editors. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: Brain Mechanisms and Life Outcomes. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. New York: New York Academy of Sciences; 2001. Vol. 931, p. 196-215.

Editorial and Academic Positions

Editorial Consultant, Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society
Editorial Consultant, Journal of Rheumatology
Editorial Consultant, Journal of Neuro-Oncology
Editorial Consultant, Journal of Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Neurology
Editorial Consultant, Journal of Neuropsychology, Pediatric Psychology, Perceptual and Motor Skills


Director/supervisor of Post-Doctoral and Pre-Doctoral Fellowships/Practicums in Neuropsychology in Neuro-oncology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Fellow, National Academy of Neuropsychology Member American Psychological Association, Div. 40 (Neuropsychology)
Member, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania
Member, Society for Neuroscience
Member, International Neuropsychology Society, International Neuropsychological Society, International Liaison Committee
Member, Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society 

Original Papers

Moitra E, Armstrong CL. Tumor locus moderates anxiety symptoms in a pediatric neuro-oncologic sample. Child Neuropsychol. 2009 Jan 28:1-11. [Epub ahead of print]. Read Abstract»

Correa DD, Maron L, Harder H, Klein M, Armstrong CL, Calabrese P, Bromberg JE, Abrey LE, Batchelor TT, Schiff D. Cognitive functions in primary central nervous system lymphoma: literature review and assessment guidelines. Ann Oncol. 2007 Jul;18(7):1145-51. Epub 2007 Feb 6. Read Abstract»

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