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John Brandsema, MD

Attending Physician



Brandsema J, Widjaja E, Sharma R, Ben David G, Hahn D. Safety and Quality of Neuroimaging scans with Conductive Plastic Electrodes for Continuous EEG Monitoring in Children. American Academy of Neurology Conference Abstracts, 2012.


Brandsema JF, O’Connell C, Clarke D, Kaiser S, Ransom T, Ur E, Howlett T, Imran A. Variability in Thyroid Hormone Replacement in Patients with Central Hypothyroidism. CDA/CSEM Conference Abstracts, 2004.

Original Papers


Brandsema JF, Stephens D, Hartley J, Yoon G. Intermediate-dose idebenone and quality of life in Friedreich ataxia. Pediatr Neurol. 2010 May;42(5):338-42.


Rea D, Brandsema JF, Armstrong D, Parkin PC, Deveber G, Macgregor D, Logan WJ, Askalan R. Cerebral arteriopathy in children with neurofibromatosis type 1. Pediatrics. 2009 Sep;124(3):e476-83. Epub 2009 Aug 24.


Pogue BW, Pitts JD, Mycek MA, Sloboda RD, Wilmot CM, Brandsema JF, O'Hara JA. In vivo NADH fluorescence monitoring as an assay for cellular damage in photodynamic therapy. Photochem Photobiol. 2001 Dec;74(6):817-24.

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