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Samuel J. Garber, MD

Attending Neonatologist, Pennsylvania Hospital



Garber SJ and Harris ME. Neonatal Sepsis. In Burg FD, Ingelfinger JR, Polin RA, Gershon AA (eds): Gellis & Kagan's Current Pediatric Therapy (18th ed.), WB Saunders, 2006.

Original Papers


Nitschke V, Baujat G; Ulrike Botschen, du Moulin M, Stella J, Le Merrer M, Guest G, Lambot K, Tazarourte-Pinturier M, Chassaing N, Roche 0, Feenstra I, Loechner K, Deshpande C, Garber, SJ, Chikarmane R, Steinmann B, Shahinyan T, Martorell L, Davies J, Smith WE, Kahler SG, Loidi L, Hahne W, Martin L, Hadj-Rabia 5, Terkeltaub R, and Rutsch F. Generalized Arterial Calcification of Infancy and Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum can be Caused by Mutations in Either ENPP1 or ABCC6. The American Journal of Human Genetics. 2012, January 13;90(1):25-39. Epub 2011 Dec29.

Posters and Presentations


Kovatch KJ, Garber SJ, Levine, MA and Kelly A. National Survey on Metabolic Bone Disease of Prematurity. Poster presentation at Pediatric Academic Societies' Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, May 2013.

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