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Matthew Harris, MD

Attending Cardiologist

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Original Papers

Collins RT 2nd, Weinberg PM, Goldmuntz E, Harris M. Images in cardiovascular medicine. Partial anomalous left pulmonary artery. Circulation. 2009 May 5;119(17):2405-7.

Fogel MA, Weinberg PM, Parave E, Harris C, Montenegro L, Harris MA, Concepcion M.    Deep sedation for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging: a comparison with cardiac anesthesia. J Pediatr. 2008 Apr;152(4):534-9, 539.e1. Epub 2007 Nov 5. PMID: 18346511 Read abstract

Harris MA, Johnson TR, Weinberg PM, Fogel MA. Delayed-enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance identifies fibrous tissue in children after surgery for congenital heart disease. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2007 Mar;133(3):676-81. PMID: 17320564 Read abstract

Fogel MA, Weinberg PM, Harris M, Rhodes L. Usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging for the diagnosis of right ventricular dysplasia in children.  Am J Cardiol. 2006 Apr 15;97(8):1232-7. Epub 2006 Mar 6. PMID: 16616032 Read abstract

Harris MA, Weinberg PM, Whitehead KK, Fogel MA. Usefulness of branch pulmonary artery regurgitant fraction to estimate the relative right and left pulmonary vascular resistances in congenital heart disease. Am J Cardiol. 2005 Jun 15;95(12):1514-7. PMID: 15950587 Read abstract

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