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Chong-Tae Kim, MD, PhD

Rehabilitation Medicine physician

Original Papers

Kim CT, Moberg-Wolf E, Trovato M, Kim H, Murphy N. Pediatric Rehabilitation: 1. Common medical conditions in children with disabilities. PM&R 2010;2(3):S3-S11.

Murphy N,  Trovato M,  Kim H,  Kim CT, Moberg-Wolf E. Pediatric Rehabilitation: 2. Environmental factors affecting participation. PM&R 2010;2(3):S12-S18.

Moberg-Wolf E, Kim CT, Murphy N, Trovato M, Kim H. Pediatric Rehabilitation: 3. Facilitating family-centered treatment decisions. PM&R 2010;2(3):S19-S25.

Trovato M,  Kim H,  Moberg-Wolf E, Murphy N,  Kim CT. Pediatric Rehabilitation: 4. Prescribing assistive technology to promote community integration. PM&R 2010;2(3):S26-S30.

Kim H,  Murphy N,  Kim CT, Moberg-Wolf E, Trovato M. Pediatric Rehabilitation: 5. Transitioning teens with disabilities into adulthood. PM&R 2010;2(3):S31-S37.

Kim CT, Dy R, Sollenberger J, Katz E. A Case of Suspected Mononeuritis Multiplex in a Teenager from polysubstance abuse. PM&R 2009;1(9): 881-3.

Kim CT, Han J, Kim H: Pediatric stroke recovery: descriptive analysis. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2009;90(4):657-662.

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