Robert J. Levy, MD

Robert J. Levy, MD, is a board-certified attending cardiologist and the William J. Rashkind Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology at CHOP.

Areas of Expertise: Cardiac arrhythmias and post-angioplasty surgery, Research concerning site-specific therapy for cardiovascular disease focusing on valve replacement surgery
Locations: Main Campus
Phone: 215-590-4040

  • Education and Training

    Medical School

    Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Md.


    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.


    Children's Hospital, Boston, Mass.

    Board Certification

    American Board of Pediatrics

  • Titles and Academic Titles

    William J. Rashkind Endowed Chair in Pediatric Cardiology

    Attending cardiologist

    Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

  • Departments and Services
  • Publications


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