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Kelly Wade, MD, PhD, MSCE

Attending Neonatologist, Pennsylvania Hospital

Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Original Papers


Monk HM, Motsney AJ, Wade KC. Safety of Rotavirus Vaccine in the NICU. J Pediatr. 2014 May 19. [Epub ahead of print] Read the abstract.


Cohen-Wolkowiez M. Poindexter B., Bidegain M. Weitkamp J.H. Schleonka R.L., Randolph D.A., Ward R.M., Wade K., Valencia G., Burchfield D., Arrieta A., Mehta V., Walsh M., Kantak A., Rasmussen M., Sullivan J.E., Finer N., Rich W., Brozansi B.S., van den Anker J., Blumer J., Laughon M., Watt K.M., Kearns G.L., Capparelli E.V., Martz K., Berezny K., Benjamin D.K. Jr, Smith P.B.; Safety and effectiveness of meropenem in infants with suspected or complicated intra-abdominal infections. Clinical Infectious Disease 55(11): 1495, Dec 2012. Read the abstract

Watt K.M., Benjamin O.K. Jr, Cheifetz I.M., Moorthy G., Wade K.C., Smith P.B., Brouwer K.L., Capparelli E.V., Cohen-Wolkowietz M.: Pharmacokinetics and safety of fluconazole in young infants supported with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 31(10): 1042-7, Oct 2012. Read the abstract

Mossabeb R, Wade K.C., Finnegan K., Sivieri E., Abbasi S.: Language development survey provides a useful screening tool for language delay in preterm infants. Clinical Pediatrics 51(7): 638, July 2012. Read the abstract


Smith P.B., Cohen-Wolkowiez M., Castro L.M., Poindexter B., Bidegain M., Weitkamp J.H., Schelonka RL., Ward R.M., Wade K., Valencia G., Burchfield D., Arrieta A, Bhatt-Mehta V., Walsh M., Kantak A, Rasmussen M., Sullivan J.E., Finer N., Brozanski B.S., Sanchez P., van den Anker J., Blumer J., Keams G.L., Capparelli E.V., Anand R, Benjamin D.K.: Population pharmacokinetics of meropenem in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid of infants with suspected or complicated intra-abdominal infections. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 30(10): 844, Oct 2011. Read the abstract

Laughon M.M., Benjamin D.K., Capparelli E.V., Keams G.L., Berezny K., Paul I.M., Wade K., Barrett J., Smith P.B., Cohen-Wolkowiez M.: Innovative clinical trial design for pediatric therapeutics. Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology 4(5): 643-52, Sep 2011. Read the abstract

Piper L., Smith P.B., Hornik C.P., Cheifetz I.M., Barrett J.S., Moorthy G., Hope W.W., Wade K.C., Cohen-Wolkowiez M., Benjamin D.K.: Fluconazole loading dose pharmacokinetics and safety in infants. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 30(5): 375, May 2011. Read the abstract

Wade K.C., Ellenberg J.H., Grosser T., Brensinger C.M., Kimmel S.E., Hennessy S.: Exogenous estrogen does not attenuate the association between rofecoxib and myocardial infarction in perimenopausal women. Journal Cardiovascular Pharmacology 57(2): 194, Feb 2011.

Posters and Presentations


Monk H and Wade K.C. : Safety of Rotavirus Vaccine Administration Among Infants Within the Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit. Platform Presentation. Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting; 2012 April 28 - May 1; Boston MA.


Aliaga S., Smith P.B., Clark R., Cohen-Wolkowiez M., Wade K., Massie S., Tolleson-Rinehart S., Benjamin D.K., Laughon M.: Assessment of off-label prescribing practices of meropenem in young infants. Pediatric Academic Society Annual Meeting; 2011 April 30 - May 3; Denver, CO.

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