Books to Help Children Understand Medical Care

Books that can help children better understand medical care, hospitalization, disease and disability

It's Check-Up Time, Elmo!

Albee, S. Dalmatian Press, 2005.
Elmo goes to the doctor for a check up.

Say "Ahhh!": Dora Goes to the Doctor

Beinstein, P. Simon Spotlight, 2008.
Dora and her Mami go to the doctor for a check-up.

Franklin Goes to the Hospital

Bourgeois, P. Scholastic Paperbacks, 2000.
Franklin, the turtle, goes to the hospital after breaking his shell during soccer practice.

A Terrible Thing Happened

Holmes, M. Magination Press, 2000.
A story for children who have witnessed trauma or violence.

The Boo Boo Book

Masoff, J.  Lark Books, 2006.
A book that helps children explore various “boo boo’s” such as breaking a bone and getting stitches.

All Better Now

Masoff, J. Lark Books, 2008.
This interactive books allows children to explore what can be done to check when they are not feeling good, like taking your temperature, and what can be done to help them feel better, like taking medicine.

ABC Doctor

Murphy, L.  Blue Apple Books, 2007.
Each letter from A to Z explains something about going to the doctor in this book.

Mighty Mike Bounces Back: A boy’s life with epilepsy

Skead, R. & Simmel, M.  American Psychological Association, 2011.
Mike has epilepsy and sometimes it’s hard to feel like a “real” kid. He is scared of letting other people know about his disease—or even worse, being seen having a seizure! Cowritten by a real-life basketball star with epilepsy, Mighty Mike Bounces Back is an empowering story written to help kids learn to deal with adversity and to take control of their life.