Syringes, Pens and Injection Products


  • BD Ultra-Fine Short Needle Syringe
  • FreeStyle® Precision Insulin Syringe
  • ReliOn® Short Needle Syringe

Insulin pens

  • Autopen® Classic by Owen Mumford (Humalog)
  • Flexpen® by Novo Nordisk (Levemir, Novolog, Novolog Mix 70/30)
  • FlexTouch® by Novo Nordisk (Levemir)
  • Humalog® Kwikpen by Eli Lilly (Humalog, Humalog Mix 75/25, Humalog Mix 50/50)
  • Humapen® Luxura HD by Eli Lilly (Humalog)
  • Novopen® 3 by Novo Nordisk (Novolog)
  • NovoPen® Junior by Novo Nordisk (Novolog
  • Solostar® by Sanofi-Aventis (Apidra or Lantus)

Injection aids

  • Autoject 2 - automates insulin injection
  • BD Magni-Guide Device - magnifies the markings on a syringe by 1.7x
  • Buzzy® by MMJ Labs - distracts from needle insertion by vibrating and applying a cold pack prior to insertion
  • Inject-Ease - designed to hide the syringe and needle
  • Insul-Cap - helps user draw insulin into syringe by increasing stability
  • Insul-Eze - magnifies the markings on a syringe by 2x. Fits most syringes and bottles
  • Injection Safety Guard - designed to minimize the amount of accidental needle sticks
  • Insuflon - an angled indwelling catheter that eliminates pain from injections for kids
  • I-Port - a 90-degree indwelling catheter that eliminates pain from injections for kids
  • Safe Shot - guides the plunger of a syringe
  • Securitee Blanket - fits around insulin vials to make it easier to draw up insulin and less likely to break if dropped
  • Syringe Magnifier - magnifies the markings on a syringe by 2x 
  • Tartoos – temporary tattoo that helps users rotate injection sites
  • Unifine Pentips Plus - designed to ease process of placing and removing insulin pen needles
  • VialDock - magnifies the markings on a syringe by 2x. Fits Eli Lilly brand best
  • Vial Safe - protects insulin vials from breaking and helps to draw up insulin

Needle disposal

  • BD Home Sharps Container
  • BD Safe-Clip Insulin Syringe Needle Clipper
  • Mail back sharps disposals
    • GRP & Associates
    • Stericyle

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