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Foreign Bodies in the Ear

Facts about foreign bodies in the ear

Foreign bodies in the ear

Foreign bodies can either be in the ear lobe or in the ear canal. Foreign bodies in the ear canal can be anything a child can push into his or her ear.

Some of the items that are commonly found in the ear canal include the following:

Children are naturally curious. They may put an object in their ears or another child's ear during play. When playing outdoors, insects may fly into the ear canal, causing potential harm. It has also been noted that children with chronic outer ear infections tend to place things in their ears more often.

Children may cause themselves or other children great harm by placing objects in the ear.

What are the symptoms of foreign bodies in the ear?

Some objects placed in the ear may not cause any symptoms. Other objects, however, such as food and insects, may cause pain in the ear, redness or drainage. Hearing may be affected if the object is blocking the ear canal.

Treatment for foreign bodies in the ear

The treatment for foreign bodies in the ear is prompt removal of the object by your child's physician. The following are some of the techniques that may be used by your child's physician to remove the object from the ear canal:

After removal of the object, your child's physician will then re-examine the ear to determine if there has been any injury to the ear canal or ear drum. Antibiotic drops for the ear may be prescribed to treat any possible infection.

Reviewed by: Steven D. Handler, MD, MBE
Date: April 2009

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