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Healthy Sleep Habits

What is normal sleep?

The normal amount of sleep varies depending on the age of your child.


Average Nighttime

Average Daytime

Newborns to 3 months

8 to 9 hours
(waking through the night to feed)

8 hours

6 to 12 months

10 to 12 hours
(usually sleeps through the night)

5 hours

2 years

10 to 12 hours

4 hours
(fewer naps after 12 months of age)

3 years

10 hours

1 hour

4 to 6 years

10 hours

Usually no nap

Helpful tips for healthy sleep habits:

The following are some helpful tips for establishing good sleep habits for your child:

Helpful tips for children with poor sleep habits:

Children can easily fall into bedtime habits that are not always healthy habits. The following suggestions can help when a child does not want to go to bed or is having trouble staying in bed:

Sometimes, older children go through a stage or a period of time when they revert back to bad sleep habits or develop new problems in going to sleep. The following are some tips to help parents with older children who have problems going to bed:

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