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Meniscus Tear Knee Injuries

What is a meniscus?

The meniscus is a semicircular, wedge-shaped collection of soft cartilage in the knee. It absorbs the stress on the knee and acts as a cushion. It can be prone to tearing following an injury to the knee.

A unique type of meniscus problem occasionally encountered in children is an abnormally shaped meniscus called a discoid meniscus. The disk shape of these menisci makes them more susceptible to tearing.

What is a meniscus tear?

A meniscus tear is a tear in the knee cartilage that usually occurs after a sudden forceful twisting of the knee.

Symptoms of a meniscus problem are:

How we can help — treatment options

Children have a better blood supply to their menisci than adults, and potentially can heal certain meniscus tears. In order to evaluate the problem, we will perform an examination and view the results of an X-ray or sometimes an MRI.

Treatment may involve:

Sometimes meniscus tears are not amenable to nonoperative treatment .In those instances, surgical arthroscopy is used to treat the problem. During this procedure, we will make small incisions that create minimal trauma to the knee. Repairable portions of the meniscus are fixed with sutures or with a material that holds the meniscus together while the meniscus is healing. The body eventually will safely absorb this material.

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