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Preparing Siblings for Surgery

Preparing siblings when a brother/sister is having surgery:

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When your child goes to the hospital, brothers and sisters may feel afraid, worried, or confused. They are often afraid simply because they do not know what to expect, and may imagine the worst. They will also have to deal with being away from one or both parents, missing their brother or sister, or having to stay with other family or friends. The following are some of the common feelings siblings may have during this time:

How do I prepare my other children for their siblings surgery?

How will children at home show that they are stressed?

The following are the most common signs that a child is under stress. However, each child may display signs of stress differently. Signs may include:

How can I help the siblings at home?

Helpful books for your children at home:

Franz Brandenbert. 1990. I Wish I Was Sick Too! Mulberry Books.

James Howe. 1994. The Hospital Book. Morrow Junior Books.

Debbie Duncan, Nina Ollikainen (Illustrator). 1995. When Molly Was In The Hospital: A Book for Brothers and Sisters of Hospitalized Children. Rayve Productions, Incorporated. (ages 4 to 7)

A. M. Jawarski, L. Ball. 1998. My Brother Needs An Operation Babyheart Press. (ages 4 to 10)

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