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Preparing the Teenager for Surgery

What part about surgery is most stressful for a teenager?

Picture of two teenage boys

Adolescents like to be active participants in deciding what happens to them, including the kind of care they receive. Parents need to act as partners with their teens in making healthcare decisions. Recognizing the fears that teenagers commonly have when going to a hospital will help you in your preparations. Common fears and concerns may include the following:

How do I prepare my teenager for surgery?

Helpful books for teens and parents:

Sharon Carter and Judy Monnig. 1987. Coping With A Hospital Stay. Rosen Publishing Group.

A. J. Hill. 1999. The Patients Guide To Anesthesia. New York: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Theodore Tyberg and Kenneth Rothaus. 1995. Hospital Smarts. New York: Hearst Books.

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