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School Refusal

What is school refusal?

School refusal, or school avoidance, is a term used to describe the signs or anxiety a school-aged child has and his/her refusal to go to school. School phobia can be seen in three different types of situations, including the following:

Facts about school refusal:

What are the signs of school refusal?

While every child is different, the following are some of the behaviors that may be present in your child:

How is school refusal diagnosed?

School refusal is usually diagnosed with a team approach, including your physician, you, the child, and teachers and counselors. Your child's physician will be involved to rule out any real medical problems that may be occurring. A complete history and physical examination will be done. School officials may be contacted to obtain more information.

Management of school refusal:

Since every child is unique, each situation will be handled on an individual basis. The following are some of the interventions that may be used to help your child:

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