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Active Moms, Active Kids

girl on swingLike father, like son. Like mother, like daughter. Many kids follow in their parents’ footsteps as they grow up. But as a new study published in the journal Pediatrics shows, when it comes to staying active, little ones follow their mother's lead.

The study, "Activity Levels in Mothers and their Preschool Children," examined the behaviors of more than 500 moms and their 4-year-olds. The study demonstrated that the activity levels of mothers and their children are directly related, and that more-active moms have more-active kids.

Now that the weather is warm and the sunny days are calling, it’s the perfect time to take your little one outside and get moving. Modeling active behavior can only have a positive result! Here are some tried-and-true summer activities you can enjoy together:

Reviewed by: Patrick S. Pasquariello Jr. MD
Date: May 2014

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