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Gummy Vitamins: Healthy or Just Candy in Disguise?

girl smiling with missing teeth They look like candy, taste like candy and they do just as much damage to little teeth as candy. Gummy vitamins, a very popular choice for children at supermarkets and drugstores, come in all colors, shapes, characters and flavors. But these vitamins are causing real problems in the dentist’s chair.

Gummy vitamins and cavities

Gummy vitamins are particularly cariogenic (cavity-causing). Because of their texture, the vitamins stick all around, on top of and between molars, eating away at your child’s teeth and causing tooth decay. If your child chews two of these every morning, her risks of cavities are significantly increased.

Gummy vitamins — and gummy treats in general such as fruit snacks and Swedish fish — should be avoided as much as possible to give your child the best chance for a healthy mouth.

Alternatives to gummy vitamins

There are other ways to help your child get the necessary vitamins and minerals he needs. Chewable vitamins are a much better option, and they don’t pose the same type of cavity risk. Also, make sure your child brushes her teeth thoroughly every morning and night and flosses at least once a day to keep cavities away.

Reviewed by: Patrick S. Pasquariello Jr., MD
Date: June 2013

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