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Office Hours and Appointments

All patients are seen by appointment. For routine problems and check-ups, please call as far in advance as possible so that we may schedule your child's appointment at a time that is convenient for you. We have appointment schedules available approximately three months in advance. If there are ongoing concerns or medical problems, please make us aware so that we can schedule your child's appointment accordingly.  

Please be on time for appointments; this enables us to minimize your waiting time. Occasionally, the providers may be delayed by an emergency, and your appointment may need to be postponed at the last minute. We apologize for this occasional inconvenience. Please understand that we would do the same for your child in an emergency. Some children, especially those with chronic problems or illness, may require more frequent visits and/or additional tests.

We recommend that older children and adolescents be seen for a complete physical examination and health maintenance review every year. This is in addition to any sick visits, since it is difficult to focus on other important issues and problems in the midst of an illness. All check-ups include an assessment of your child's physical growth as well as intellectual and social development. We invite you to bring a list of questions. We want to be sure you truly understand our answers to these questions before you leave. 

We follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics for routine preventative care. 

Missed appointments

If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call us 24 hours ahead so that other patients may utilize the time.  

Phone calls

Please make all non-urgent calls during our regular business hours. The nursing staff will triage phone calls based on written protocols. All phone calls and advice are reviewed by one of our doctors. You may request that a physician return your call after the nurse has spoken with you. However, if your concern is urgent it is always in the best interest of both doctors and patients to schedule a visit in the office. 

Most returned calls are made in the evening when the doctors are finished with direct patient care. For all phone calls, have a pencil and paper ready to write down instructions given. Have the name and number of your pharmacy at hand. 

Finally, please provide us with a phone number to be able to return your call to you directly and help us by keeping your phone line free and unblocked. 


We participate with many different insurance plans. Please check your insurance provider directory to be certain our physicians and/or practice are participating providers. We review your insurance card and information at every visit. Plan to bring your card with you. We collect copays at time of service.

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