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Ever been to a sibshop at CHOP? The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Center of Childhood Communication is sponsoring several workshops for siblings of children with special health care needs. These workshops are coordinated by Jamie Ramanauskas, the Center’s Family Resource Coordinator, and facilitated by Lenore Stern, MSS, LSW. They are open to children ages 6-12 years. They are held at the Wood Center (Main Campus) on several Saturday mornings from 10 -12:30 p.m. Parents are also invited to participate in a discussion group while their children are sibshopping! For more information, call Jaime at 267-426-0780 or Lenore at 215-590-7443.


The Ophelia Project
The Ophelia Project is a program in Pennsylvania to help children deal with issues of bullying, anger, and aggression. The project is based in Erie, but serves youths across the state. There is a monthly e-newsletter, programs for schools, curriculae on many topics such as relationship development and conflict resolution, and a speaker’s bureau. For more information check out, or call 888-256-KIDS (5437)

Healthfinder is a Web site created by the National Health Information Center, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. It is a web-based archive of articles and resources for thousands of health topics. The site has information on wellness, diseases, medicines, and much more. And, the information on the site can be instantly translated into several languages. Check out

Keystone Mercy
In the state of Pennsylvania, children with special health care needs can sign up to have Medicaid as a second health insurance, free of charge. In our area, Keystone Mercy is the insurance of choice. This second insurance covers many costs not covered by the child’s primary insurance, such as co-pays for doctor visits or prescriptions or durable medical equipment.

You can apply for Keystone Mercy as a secondary insurance at Hang in there – it can take some time to complete the application process, but it is well worth it. For those families that already have Keystone Mercy as a second insurance, did you know that you should have a KM case manager?

Please call member services and ask to have a case manager assigned to your child. Having this point person at the insurance company should facilitate accessing benefits and processing claims.

Souderton Parents Accessing Resources, Connections, and Services
Do you feel overwhelmed trying to understand your child’s educational rights? Are you struggling to access services? Would you like to talk to other parents about your child’s special education plan? There is new support group forming in Bucks County which may be for you — SPARCS, the Souderton Parents Accessing Resources, Connections, and Services. To learn more, e-mail SPARCS at

Binders for Organization
Families who care for children with special health care needs need to be organized, keeping track of such things as lab results, reports, contacts, and prescriptions. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has given Pediatric & Adolescent Care, HighPoint several care binders. These are notebooks or portable files designed to help families keep track of their children’s medical needs. If you are interested in getting one of these care binders for your child, or would like to see one, please talk to Donna, our care coordinator.

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