Primary Care, South Philadelphia

Chronic Care Initiative

We are proud to be one of a handful of pediatric practices participating in the Governor’s Chronic Care Initiative. Over the past two years, our practice has successfully improved care for our patients with asthma.

Armed with a better understanding of the disease and through a collaborative partnership with our nurses and clinicians, parents have helped their kids with asthma take control of their disease so they can spend more time in school and with their friends, taking part in the activities and sports they enjoy. Our patients with asthma spend less time in the emergency room and experience less hospital admissions.

This team approach that has helped us improve outcomes for our patients with asthma is being expanded to other patient groups, including:

All of us at Primary Care, South Philadelphia look forward to partnering with you and your child to achieve the best of health. We are committed to providing the best in patient-centered care, with safe care as a core value. We know, as a team, the importance of communicating clearly and paying attention to the details that ensure that your child’s healthcare needs are fully met.

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