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Important Allergy Season Information

Springtime can be a challenging time for those who experience allergy symptoms.

As the trees and then the grasses pollinate, the fine yellow pollen in the air can cause itchy watery eyes and nose with sneezing. Many children experience itching of the nose, throat and ears due to contact with pollen. Some have a cough due to nasal congestion and post nasal drip.

These symptoms are a result of the body reacting with the production of histamine and other similar substances which also can cause swelling of the eyelids and passages in the nose. There are several very effective over-the-counter products to treat seasonal allergies and can safely be given to children over 2 years of age.

Antihistamines block the histamine that is released in a person that is allergic. Non-drowsy CLARITIN (loratidine) is available in syrup, dissolvable and swallowable tablets. The dose is 5 mg once daily for children ages 2 to 6 years and 10 mg for those older than 6. ZYRTEC (ceterizine) is also available with the same dosing. ZYRTEC can be sedating so administering it at bedtime is recommended.

For itchy watery eyes, over-the-counter ZADITOR (ketotifen) eye drops are very effective for kids 3 years and up. Cool compresses offer temporary relief to itchy, swollen eyes.

You can limit the severity of your child’s reaction to pollen by taking a few simple steps:


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