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September webinar

Registration is now open for the Sept. 16 “Current Issues in Vaccines” webinar presented by Dr. Paul Offit. Topics will include:

  • Meningococcal B Vaccine: Who should get it?
  • CA philosophical vaccine exemption change: What happens now?
  • HPV9 vaccine for persons who have completed an HPV vaccine series

The presentation will begin at noon ET. Free continuing education credits will be offered, including CME, CEU and CPE.

Note: The webinar hosting company has changed platforms; therefore, you may notice slight differences in the appearance of the registration and event screens. However, the event should work similarly to past events. We suggest that after receiving the registration email, participants follow the instructions related to testing the system. This will prevent issues on the day of the event.

If you have questions or you are unable to get your system to work in the weeks leading up to the event, please email

Register or find out more.

New videos and DVDs

A new set of “Talking About Vaccines With Dr. Paul Offit” videos have been posted on our YouTube page. This set of videos focuses on questions about vaccine safety and science, including:

The previously published series, “Age Groups and Vaccines,” is now available on DVD and can be played individually or as a loop for use in waiting rooms, classes or during parent events. The recently published “Vaccine Safety and Science” set of videos will also soon be available on DVD.

Each DVD is $3 plus shipping, and can be ordered online or using the printable order form.

Vaccine coloring book

If you are looking for a resource to discuss vaccines with young children, you may be interested in the Vaccine Education Center’s new coloring book. Titled “My Vaccine Activity Book,” the 16-page book includes coloring pages as well as games and puzzles for children to enjoy while learning about vaccines. The book uses images from the animations in the “Vaccines and your Baby” video and includes novel illustrations of vaccine scientists, including Drs. Maurice Hilleman and Stanley Plotkin. Children can also complete a certificate for helping to keep their community safe when they are vaccinated.

Up to 100 coloring books can be ordered for $1 each plus shipping. Quantities of 100 or more can be ordered for $0.75 each plus shipping.

View the online file
(Note: To locate the coloring book file on the VEC website, go to and select “Booklets, Posters and Other Materials” from the right column.)

Order online or use the printable order form.

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