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New VEC resources

The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) is pleased to announce the availability of the following new resources:

Parents PACK update

The VEC is pleased to announce the release of a new Parents PACK tear pad to share with parents and patients who may be interested in our program for the public, known as Parents PACK. This program, part of the VEC’s offerings since 2005, is meant to support the public by directly providing vaccine information in a variety of ways. The program includes the following components:

Providers can also use these materials as tools in their own practices. We will be sending information over the next few weeks that outlines ways in which you can use the materials in your practice as well as an order form to get free copies of the Parents PACK tear pads. If you do not receive our mailings and would like to, please email and provide your complete and accurate mailing address.

Free materials offerings

Because three different items are now available free of charge, we have made a special “free materials” order form. The items that can be ordered using this form include the new Parents PACK tear pads (English only), mobile app posters (English only) and prescription for information pads (English and Spanish).

You can order these materials using this form or online by clicking the link to the electronic form on the online ordering page of our website. Please order only quantities that you can realistically use and provide complete and accurate mailing addresses. You can reorder as needed.

New Medscape videos

Dr. Offit recently provided a couple of new videos for Medscape:

  • In A Child’s Right to be Vaccinated Dr. Offit discusses the new California exemption laws and whether protesters of the legislation correctly focused on their rights as parents or whether the real focus on rights should have been those of the children. Posted January 11, 2016.
  • In New Adjuvanted Flu Vaccine: No Concerns about Narcolepsy Dr. Offit discusses the new influenza vaccine, anticipated for licensure in the U.S., called Fluad®. This vaccine is different from others because it contains the adjuvant squalene. The video discusses this adjuvant and experiences with it in other countries, including the Pandemrix®-narcolepsy issue and why we won’t need to worry about that with Fluad. Posted December 11, 2015.

Materials in this section are updated as new information and vaccines become available. The Vaccine Education Center staff regularly reviews materials for accuracy.

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