Information Services Career Paths

All Information Services employees at CHOP fall within one of 24 career paths. These paths were developed in part to create an organizational structure that  provides a framework for both horizontal and vertical career progression.

Career paths group positions in a manner that clearly reflects the progression of job-specific skills, responsibilities, and experience from entry level to advanced level within a particular position category. These help employees better understand where they reside in a broader organizational context, as well as the manner in which they may potentially grow or advance their careers. The following career paths are sub-divided into Job Families — a hierarchy of positions from entry level through management.

TitleIS Teams
Administrative AssistantShared portfolios
Audio/Visual EngineerTechnology Services
Business AnalystShared portfolios
Business Continuity AnalystCross Functional Operations
Database AdministratorIS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Data Center SpecialistTechnology Services
Desktop Services EngineerTechnology Services
Enterprise ArchitectIS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Information Analyst - Data or DeliveryEnterprise Analytics
Information Systems DeveloperShared portfolios
Information Systems TesterCross Functional Operations
Information Systems TrainerBusiness Operations
Information Systems AnalystIS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Network EngineerTechnology Services
Platform EngineerTechnology Services
Project ManagerShared portfolios
Quality Assurance AnalystShared portfolios
Security Operations EngineerIS Architecture, Database Services & Information Security
Strategic ConsultantProject Management & Strategy
Support AnalystTechnology Services
Systems AnalystShared portfolios
Systems EngineerShared portfolios
Telecom EngineerTechnology Services
Telecom TechnicianTechnology Services