Information Services Careers

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is committed to Information Services (IS) and technology. CHOP invests in IS because it's critical to every department, from the clinical teams that care for patients and families, to the researchers who put CHOP at the cutting edge of pediatric medicine, to the administrators who drive the organization forward.

We’re looking for professionals who:

  • Thrive on working with leading technologies
  • Have the expertise to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to patients, families and staff
  • Relish working with a dynamic, diverse team of professionals who love what they do

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  • Supporting CHOP's mission

    The Information Services department makes extensive contributions to the CHOP mission, which is driven by four core values: patient safety, teamwork, accountability and transparency.

    Partners in patient care

    Information Services is a nonclinical department, but the work done by this team directly impacts CHOP clinicians' ability to deliver the best possible experience and outcomes to patients and families. As a result, the relationship between analysts, developers, engineers and the clinical teams is a true partnership. The singular goal: improve care.

    Cutting-edge technology

    Information Services maintains hundreds of applications that keep the Hospital and its network electronically connected. The department manages Epic, the medical record system; ASCOM, a telecommunications solution that keeps clinicians connected; multiple datacenters; laptop encryptions to protect patient and employee information; support and maintenance of thousands of PCs and mobile devices; and much more.

    Keeping information secure

    Information Services is responsible for information security, including but not limited to governance and regulatory compliance, risk management, and awareness of threat and vulnerability. A key element of information security is ensuring that CHOP complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the law that ensures that all health information remains private.

  • IS career paths

    All Information Services employees at CHOP fall within one of 24 career paths. Learn more about how these career paths are organized to help employees understand where they fit into the broader CHOP organization.

  • Co-op opportunities

    The CHOP Information Services Co-op/Intern Program is a formal, year-long, competitive program designed to provide both undergraduate and graduate students with practical training and exposure to leading-edge technology and trends in healthcare IT. Learn more about Information Services co-op opportunities at CHOP.