ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Children with Behavioral Health Issues

Child Life

Before selecting any of the items below, it is helpful to take these following questions into consideration.
The caregiver at bedside is your best resource!

How does your child communicate? Verbal, nonverbal
Communication board
Sign language/baby sign
Are there any triggers that may upset or aggravate your child? Too many people in the room at one time
Loud noises, etc.
Are there any interventions that help when your child becomes upset or aggravated? Light up toys
Being alone, etc.
What are your child's favorite things?  
Does your child have a daily routine schedule? How can we incorporate that into the ED setting?
How is the best way to prepare your child for upcoming tests/procedures/transitions? Story boards, pictures
Lots of information/little information
Before it happens/while it's happening
Is there anything else that would be helpful for us to know?  

Available Items in the Emergency Department

These items can be found in the EDECU playroom cabinet above the TV. This locked cabinet can be opened by the gold #1 key. If you do not own this key, you can get it from the Charge Nurse or an EDECU nurse.

Vibrating Massagers:

These items can be used for patients who benefit from/are able to calm with tactile stimulation.


Use for patients who enjoy audible and visual stimulation.

Tactile Roller:

Similar to massagers, provide tactile stimulation

Corobuff Disposable Sheets:

Use for patients who enjoy tearing paper and/or tactile stimulation.

Tactile Disks:

Can be arranged for patient to walk on, sit on, feel with hands, etc.

Gel Sensory Maze:

This item provides sensory, cognitive and tactile stimulation.

Chewy Tubes:

Use for patients who need oral stimulation. One time use only, disposable or given to patient to keep. Must observe patient when they use these for safety; can be broken and swallowed with extended use.

Vecta Sensory Station:

This item provides tactile, auditory, and visual stimulation. The system contains bubble tubes with floating objects, fiber optics, patient controlled switches, projector and stereo. Please do not use with patients who are easily over stimulated.