ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Children with Behavioral Health Issues

Team Based Rapid Assessment

For optimal care, the ED team members should meet the patient and do a brief initial evaluation together. The majority of the psychosocial history will be obtained by the Social Worker and Psychiatrist, if involved in the individual patient's care. Involve Child Life early on in the ED stay. Multiple, repeat H&P by individual providers may increase stress for these patients and contribute to behavioral escalation. It is important to update the patient and family around plan for ED care and disposition.

ED MD/CRNP/RN Perform brief initial evaluation together
Evaluate for medical condition
Assure safety
Minimize stimulation
Minimize ED LOS
Child Life Behavioral management strategies
Communication with family and ED team
Social Work Psychosocial history
Communication with family, ED team and medical home
Psychiatry Consultation
ED safety plan
Disposition planning
Communication with family and ED team

Blue Sign

ED RN should place a blue sign on the patient's door to alert consultants and others to speak to ED MD or RN about communication needs of the patient