ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Children with Behavioral Health Issues

Urgent CHOP Psychiatry Outpatient Option

Crisis Stabilization Program

This option can be considered for patients who have been evaluated by Psychiatry in the ED and do not meet criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, but require urgent outpatient follow-up within three business days.

Patient Criteria

Patients seen in the ED by a Psychiatry Fellow/ Attending who show increased risk for self-harm/harm to others, but who do not meet criteria for inpatient hospitalization are eligible. Examples include:

  1. Run-aways.
  2. Frequent non-suicidal self-cutting behavior.
  3. Needs partial hospitalization, resource not available within a reasonable amount of time.
  4. No history of violence, but threatened significant violence
  5. Non-aggressive emotional outburst.
  6. Requires outpatient follow-up, resource not available within a reasonable amount of time.

The final decision for referring a patient to the CSP is with the Psychiatry Fellow/Attending.

CSP Referral Process

Scheduling the Appointment

Psychiatry Fellow/Attending will provide a verbal referral to Marian Callaghan, MD on the next business day.
Psychiatry Fellow will email Matt Stevenson, MSW and Dionne Mitchell-Randall immediately with:

Matt Stevenson will contact family about appointment.

Patient Discharge

The patient will be discharge from the CSP after stabilization or when the patient's definitive disposition occurs.