ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of the Child with a Burn Injury


Wound Management and Tetanus Prophylaxis

Previous doses of
tetanus toxoid
Clean and minor wound All other wounds
Tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine TIG Tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine TIG
< 3 doses or unknown Yes No Yes Yes
>3 doses Only if last dose given ≥ 10 years ago No Only if last dose given ≥ 5 years ago No

Adapted from:  American Academy of Pediatrics.  Tetanus (lockjaw).  In:  Red Book:  2009 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, 28th ed, Pickering LK (Ed), American Academy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL 2009, p. 655.

≥ 7 yrs and < 10 yrs Td
≥  11 yrs Tdap (if they have not received Tdap previously)