Evaluation/Treatment of Children with Gastroenteritis and Dehydration

ORT Instructions for the Medical Team

ORT works via the sodium glucose co-transport mechanism which optimizes intestinal absorption of water. Utilizing the correct electrolyte solution is critical for its success. Adding juice to the solutions alters the sodium to glucose concentration and diminishes the efficacy of ORT.

Appropriate Solutions

Total Volume to be Given over 3-4 Hours
Mild / Moderate Dehydration 50 mL/kg
Moderate / Severe Dehydration 100 mL/kg

Ongoing Losses

Aliquot Volume to be given every 5 minutes
Mild / Moderate Dehydration 1 mL/kg
Moderate / Severe Dehydration 1 - 2 mL/kg
Double the aliquot volume as tolerated after the first 30 minutes
Maximum aliquot volume is 30 mL