Evaluation/Treatment of Febrile Young Infants (0-56 days old)

MD/CRNP/RN Assessment and Bedside Procedure


Notify MD if concerned about the patient’s appearance
Place patient on CR monitor with appropriate alarms
Discuss need for laboratory testing with the family
For those < 29 days old, if no known hypersensitivity to lidocaine, apply LMX-4 to LP site.

IV and Laboratory Studies

Insert peripheral IV and obtain blood for:

See Additional Diagnostic Tests for more information

Urine Specimens

Perform catheterization for urine culture / enhanced UA

IV Fluids

Assess need for normal saline bolus

Preparation for LP for Patients > 29 days old

Place the following at bedside:

Notify MD

Bedside glucose < 60 mg/dL

IV hydration needed
Patient is ready for LP
Place MD/RN orders using ED Febrile Infant Order Set