Evaluation/Treatment of Febrile Young Infants (0-56 days old)

MD/CRNP/RN Assessment and Bedside Procedure


Notify MD if concerned about the patient’s appearance
Place patient on CR monitor with appropriate alarms
Discuss need for laboratory testing with the family
If no known hypersensitivity to lidocaine, apply LMX-4 to LP site.

IV and Laboratory Studies

Insert peripheral IV and obtain blood for:

See Additional Diagnostic Tests for more information

Urine Specimens

Perform catheterization for urine culture / enhanced UA

IV Fluids

Assess need for normal saline bolus

Preparation for LP

Place the following at bedside:

Notify MD

Bedside glucose < 60 mg/dL

IV hydration needed
Patient is ready for LP
Place MD/RN orders using ED Febrile Infant Order Set