Clinical Pathway for the Care of the Neonate with Myelomeningocele/Myeloschisis

Preparing a Thorough and Complete Discharge for the Infant with MMC

Follow-up Appointments

Discharge Paperwork

Outside Follow-up Pediatrician, Spina Bifida Clinic, Neurosurgeon
If needed:
CHOP Follow-up Pediatrician

May also need to fax copies of operative report
If applicable: Include VP shunt specific discharge instructions and increase in ICP discharge instructions in summary

Discharge Scripts

  • Notify Case Management of need for supplies, fortifiers, and/or special formulas
  • Give parents scripts ASAP so Case Management can get prior authorization to have them filled
  • Scripts of Amoxicillin are only filled for 14 days. Please write a script for the parents to get filled before they leave and a 2nd for them to fill in their hometown. Please try to give them enough to make it to their first urology appointment (typically at 2 months)

Additional Discharge needs

  • Verify hearing screen was performed
  • Order first Hepatitis B vaccine prior to discharge
  • Place infant's name (if parent’s are requesting) on “Circ Board” in the Green Team office, page the Surgical Fellow once CIC’s are discontinued

Discharge Teaching

  • Give parents all Patient Family Education documents they might require at time of discharge
  • "The Hydrocephalus Book" is only available in hard copy and can be found in the unit file cabinet under "Family Education."