Infant Single Ventricle Monitoring Program (ISVMP): Outpatient Pathway - Stage I Discharge to Stage II Operation

Outpatient Nutrition Guidelines

  1. Calorie and protein requirements:
    • 120-130 calories/kg (Individual patients may require more for adequate growth)
    • 1.8-2 gm protein/kg
    • 130-150 ml fluids/kg
  2. Expected weight gain:
    • <3 months- 25-35 grams per day
    • 3-6 months- 15-21 grams per day
  3. Advancement of feeds:
    • Increase feeds by about 5 ml per feed as tolerated for optimal weight gain and growth. Most babies do well with volume increases every 2-3 weeks. If the baby takes 7-8 feeds per day, this advancement will give a total increase of just over an ounce per day. This is the same for all formulas, 20-27 cal/oz. If unable to increase volume, then may need to increase concentration, such as an increase from 20 cal/oz to 22 cal/oz, or 22 cal/oz to 24 cal/oz, or 24 cal/oz to 27 cal/oz.
    • Feed the patient for no more than 20-30 minutes to avoid tiring out from feeds.

For questions contact:
Beth Wright, MS, RD, CSP, LDN
Outpatient Cardiology Dietitian
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Phone: 215-590-1117